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Portal Features

sTMS Cloud Features list hightlight of each portal capabilities

LSP sTMS Cloud Portal Features

sTMS Cloud LSP portal is all around transaltion project management lifecycle. From initial definition of a customers and vendors, passing creating project with required customer services and vendors tasks, till sending customer invoices for delivered services.

Portal provice wide range of capabilities allowing definition of fine grane settings

  • Manage LSP general data on a side with terms and condition for Customer Offer, Vendor Purchase Order
  • Setup LSP multiple companies if required for different aspects of a bussiness
  • Manage LSP user role hierarhy
  • Define customers and preffered language services and agreed rates
  • Define vendors and preffered language services and agreed rates
  • Manage Langude definitions
  • Manage Currencies definitions
  • Translation Project livecycl flow – create of project , add services , send offer, assign vendor tasks to services and add project services to customer invoice after successfull delivery
  • Manage Invoices
  • Manage vendor Invoices
  • Export Data into CSV
  • Reporting
  • Manage Expertises
  • Manage Quality checks for projects
LSP Dashboard
LSP Project
LSP New/Edit Project
LSP Invoice
LSP Invoice

Vendor sTMS Cloud Portal Features

Vendor portal provide vendors capabily directly to manage their tasks and files related to required service delivery assigned by LSP project manager.

Vendor can complete follow activities:

  • Receive task assignment
  • Manage task status and manage files
  • Delive assigned work
  • Manage profile prefferences
  • Manage own invoices based on tasks
  • Simple performance report
  • Track quality issues
  • Simple dashboard – quick track of tasks
  • Manage vacations and non-working calendar days
vendor dashboard
Vendor Dashboard
Vendor Task
Vendor Task